View Full Version : EXT Alpha 2 and EXT.nd

10 Oct 2007, 10:24 AM
Any chance of getting an update to where the developers are at integrating the new code into the product? Any time frame? I am trying to be patient and wait but the web desktop seems to be calling my name.

10 Oct 2007, 10:29 AM
Some one replace the ext-base.js file with ext 2?

11 Oct 2007, 1:06 PM
I know -- I like the look of that web desktop too. That would be sheer bliss during any training required for my web applications -- all I'd need to say is: "Just use it like you do Windows XP. Any questions? Talk to tech support." :D

However, the term "migration path" (from Ext 1.0) that they're throwing around in regards to the Ext 2.0 beta kinda scares me -- leads me to believe that there may have been a few core API changes that are going to cause a bit of headaches.

12 Oct 2007, 4:21 AM
We are looking at it. I am beginning to use Ext2 for a non Domino project and it is going well, though there certainly are some differences. Time is slim right now so I don't really have any solid timeline that I can give you.

Just replacing the ext-base or ext-all files would probably just make things break pretty badly. The whole layout system has been redone, grids have changed a little, messageboxes have moved over into the window object, and I'm sure there's other issues that you'd run into :P