View Full Version : Sensors Support and hardware activators

30 Sep 2011, 6:19 AM
Hi guys,

We are developing using Java for Android and Object C for Iphone/Ipad apps. I'm evaluating to migrate to your way to develop mobile apps, using sencha touch for the obvious great advantages...

But I have a doubt, what about sensors ? Can I develop apps that use phone sensors using sencha way ?
How ?

I'm interested in the follow sensors, Which is supported ?

accelerometer sensor
gravity sensor
gyroscope sensor
light sensor
linear acceleration sensor
magnetic field sensor
orientation sensor
pressure sensor
proximity sensor
rotation vector sensor
temperature sensor

What about hardware activators ? :

start the camera or using it as audio/video recorder
light the camera light
vibrate the phone
activate a particular sound

Ho can I use they ?

Thanks in advance.