View Full Version : UiBinder problem -- No class matching ContentPanel

30 Sep 2011, 12:17 PM
I get this error when the devserver tries to compile the module:

[ERROR] No class matching "ContentPanel" in urn:import:com.sencha.gxt.ui.client.widget Element <gxt:ContentPanel headingText='BorderLayout UiBinder Example'> (:12)

I was trying to copy the BorderLayout example from the GXT 3 demo application but it doesn't work. I checked the GXT3 jar and ContentPanel is there in the correct package.

My UiBinder file:

<!DOCTYPE ui:UiBinder SYSTEM "http://dl.google.com/gwt/DTD/xhtml.ent">

<border:center><gxt:ContentPanel headingText="BorderLayout UiBinder Example"></gxt:ContentPanel></border:center>

17 Oct 2011, 1:09 PM
I'm really glad that Sencha and the GXT team take user-reported issues seriously.

Colin Alworth
18 Oct 2011, 12:43 PM
Make sure the namespace you reference in the UiBinder tag points to the package that the component is in. You listed "xmlns:gxt="urn:import:com.sencha.gxt.ui.client.widget"", which is where the class listed in "gxt:ContentPanel" must be. Classes have moved a little in svn since that release, but make sure you are pointing to the correct package.

Re: delay - we don't deliberatly ignore the issues, but there are a lot of messages to read... I usually hang out in #extgwt and ##gwt on freenode if you want some immediate attention, at least if i'm signed on...

18 Oct 2011, 12:56 PM
Looking in the gxt3 jar file, ContentPanel is in fact in that place. The code compiles fine, and I can create UIs in pure Java -- only when I used UiBinder did I see this problem.

Thanks for the help, but as I mentioned in another forum post (responding to someone else's disappointment that no one responded to them, either), I've already begun development with a different GWT framework. As far as "immediate attention goes, you'll notice that I originally posted this issue nearly 3 weeks ago. My team is already on our second sprint using SmartGWT.

Colin Alworth
18 Oct 2011, 2:03 PM
I'm sorry to hear that this hasn't worked for you. I can confirm that your package appears to be correct as of the DP4 release, and it appears to work in the examples released with that jar, and still don't see why this example didn't work for you.

I'm glad you've got a widget library that appears to do the job for you, and I hope you have more luck working with it than I have - I started with SmartGWT on one of my first GWT projects, and ended up moving to GXT to solve the issues I faced there.

Thanks for sticking around long enough to give feedback, we do appreciate the critique, and hopefully will do better as we move closer to an actual release.