View Full Version : Problem with Grid Panel

4 Oct 2011, 5:02 AM
Hello everyone. I have a grid panel with checkBoxSelectionMode. My fields is:

fields: [
mapping: '@id',
name: 'id'
mapping: '@name',
name: 'name',
type: 'string'

The grid loads remote xml like this:

<role id="1" name="name1" selected="0"></role>

<role id="2" name="name2" selected="1"></role>

<role id="3" name="name3" selected="0"></role>

<role id="4" name="name4" selected="1"></role>


As you can see from the code above roles 2 and 3 has selected = '1'.
So I need to select that rows in the grid panel when my grid is loaded.

Please help me.