View Full Version : Ext.List not working when showed more than one time

4 Oct 2011, 10:00 AM
Hello there,

I've got a problem with an Ext.List:

You press a button on the main menu and are shown the list. Everything on it works fine and it let's you choose, where to go deeper inside the app. No problems so far.
But if you then go back to the main menu by pressing a "back"-button and reenter the page, that shows this Ext.List, it doesn't work anymore: you can't select an entry of the list.

The "back"-button removes the list, if you return to the main menu this way:


What's my mistake? Do you know a better method than "page.removeAll()" that really kills this Ext.List to let it then be completely recreated when I choose to see it in my main menu?

Thanks in advance, you guys are doing incredible stuff :)