View Full Version : Generated build output is not running

4 Oct 2011, 1:31 PM
I have an mvc structured app that I've run thru the builder hoping it would speed up the app and ensure that both tree panels get loaded before display. The app that was generated is not running. It gives me no clues as to what is wrong with the build except for the stuff I see in the javascript error console using FF. There are no errors, just unique warnings that show up over and over again in the error console list. There is no rendering of the app at all. They are


below is output from the builder

C:\xampp\htdocs\CPGM>sencha build -p cpgm.jsb3 -d .

Loading the Project Name Project
Loaded 0 Packages
Loaded 2 Builds
* Parse all-classes.js with options:
- debug: true
- debugLevel: 1
* Parse app-all.js with options:
- debug: false
- debugLevel: 1
* Compress and obfuscate app-all.js...
Copy resources...
Done building!