View Full Version : [INFOREQ] Whats up with Sencha Touch Carousels and Orientation issues?

5 Oct 2011, 12:39 AM
Hi to all the great Sencha Touch community,
we have been creating with some developers a super simple sencha touch app that simply picks some random items from databases and displays them in some carousels, thats about it! :)
well, the problem is that when changing the phone orientation, all sorts of crazy bugs and issues happen with the sencha touch app; 3 different developers have tried to fix them, apparently they have asked questions in these forums or others, they have looked all around but no luck;
i find it very hard to believe that sencha touch carousels really have orientation related bugs that nobody seems to be able to solve, is this the case? because i am considering giving up on sencha touch, i have already wasted 3 months on this, and im considering moving to native android, but that would be a pity as Sencha Touch and its cross-platform capabilities is really what i want, plus i want html5+javascript, but is Sencha Touch for real? or is it still too inestable? how can something as basic as the carousel element have these simple orientation issues?
changing the orientation of the mobile phone is kind of basic, this app will be used by students and they sure will be changing the orientation all the time, so everything becomes useless if sencha touch cannot deal correctly with phone orientation and their carousels

if any of you is expert enough to know how to solve these sencha touch carousel-orientation issues, please contact me, i need your help :) and send me your rate and price to do the job, thank you SO very much, i really would love to stick to Sencha Touch but i need help to believe that its really worth it

thank you

5 Oct 2011, 7:25 AM
Are you using Touch alongside Phonegap?

If so there are some well known issues with orientation and the Sencha/Phonegap partnership.

5 Oct 2011, 9:18 AM
thank you jossstuart,
im using sencha touch by itself, without phonegap,
but actually if you say that with phonegap there are also orientation issues, then :) its even worse :)
im sorry but i am totally puzzled, phone orientation is kind of the basic stuff, and not even that works with sencha or sencha+phonegap? i am totally puzzled, then what is the point of sencha


Are you using Touch alongside Phonegap?

If so there are some well known issues with orientation and the Sencha/Phonegap partnership.

5 Oct 2011, 2:15 PM
@javismiles, PM me the code you are working with and I'll take a look. I'll need to know what device(s) are giving you trouble

5 Oct 2011, 2:20 PM
Dear mike.estes
thank you very much for offering to help,
i will pass you the code data through PM, thank you again