View Full Version : Chart behavior problem with firefox and chrome

5 Oct 2011, 4:47 AM

I use ExtJs 4.0.2 to develop my application.
The problem occurs only on the remote server and not on my easyPHP server.
In my application I have two charts, one radar and one column chart.

On the remove server, I have the following problem:

When I include ext-debug.js script in the index.html file, application works fine with firefox and all charts are rendered correctly. However, when I use chrome, or IE9 I have an uncaught exception at the creation of the application.

If I replace ext-debug.js with ext-all.js, then the application works fine with chrome and all charts are rendered correctly. However, with Firefox, I have on my column chart many and many warnings in firebug:

[*=1]Unexpected value NaN parsing y attribute.[*=1] Unexpected value NaN parsing x attribute.

And the column chart is not rendered

As mentioned above, the problem occurs only on the remote server. If I do the same thing on my local server (easyPHP 5.8.1), I have no problem with any navigator.
I suspect a configuration problem with apache on the remote server but I can't find the problem

Could anyone help me or giving me a way to investigate the problem?