View Full Version : Google map custom overlay resize works only on Google Chrome

6 Oct 2011, 3:26 AM
Sencha Touch version tested: latest

only default ext-all.css
Platform tested against:

iOS 4

I have a MapPanel with some custom overlays (one canvas and some img). The canvas and img overlays resize depending on the map zoom level. Everything works fine on Google Chrome but on Firefox my entire app at launch just blends together all menus and the entire layout is wrong and my TabBar isn't even shown (but there's no console error at all). On Safari (latest version) desktop it doesn't even launch (just freezes at the image background and there's no error on the console in the developer tools), on Safari on iPhone and iPad the app launches and works fine except that when I zoom on my overlay canvas or img at some zoom level the image disappear (it's interesting that is I pinch to zoom the image on the overlay is scaled correctly but as soon as I leave the screen with my fingers the image disappears). The overlay div though it's still there, I get click events...it's just the image that is not rendered. On Safari for iPad or iPhone, the debugger doesn't print any error at all.
Is this a bug of the MapPanel component or am I missing some tips to make things work on different browsers while using Sencha?