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7 Oct 2011, 1:03 AM

I created an optimized "app-all.js" with sencha create and sencha build. Works so far.
But i am wondering - isn't it possible to create an optimized ext build, with just the js files you are actually using without autoloading?

So during development you have ext.js and app.js which autoloads all resources on demand which is great during development and in production you have an optimized built of extjs with just the files your app needs. So there is neither autoloading, nor ext-all.js in your includes.
As a further step i would combine those two files (myext-all.js and app-all.js) into one single file (all.js)
So in best case you just have one single javascript file.

This procedure could be applied to the CSS files:
First, the tools should find out which extjs components and widgets you are using in your app, then creates just theese css files and combines them and optimizes them.
Second, the tools combines this custom extjs file from the first step with your CSS file into one single CSS file (all.css).
And as a third final step it would be great to run CSS Tidy over it so the CSS file gets further optimized in size and parsing time by combining overriding rules (actually as the browser would do it at runtime). See http://www.codebeautifier.com/ for an online version.

So in the best case of a SPA (Single Page Application) you have just 2 external requests (one CSS file, one JS file). Of course the images referenced in the css file are requested anyway when needed.

(Actually you could even optimize image loading by inlining some, or even all images as base64 encoded strings directly in the css files which would save a huge amount of requests but would add some extra bytes because base64 encoded images are bigger in size. But i think that it even then would be faster because you have no request/response overhead for these images. But it would break IE compatibility. At least IE6 i think.)


It would be great to have the possibility to get the optimized ext js build from the sdk tools. Are there any plans and what are those plans to extend the sdk tools?

Kind regards

14 Oct 2011, 7:28 AM


How can i get an optimized build? One js file for my "App" Scripts and one file for just the ExtJS Class i am actually using - withount autoloading. Is that possible?

The rest of my post are just some ideas....

Someone, please?