View Full Version : What is the meaning of the URL in GXT ?

7 Oct 2011, 3:50 AM
Suppose I have run a GXT Project named "Mail", the following URL is generated: (

Can anybody describe about the "gwt.codesvr=" in the URL?

Thanks in Advance...

Colin Alworth
8 Oct 2011, 3:13 PM
This is how you tell the browser to connect to Eclipse when debugging the application in Dev Mode. When you compile the app ('production mode' or 'web mode'), this is no longer necessary. This is a fundamental feature of GWT.

For more information, take a look at the GWT docs - here are some pages that will get you on the right track:
http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/doc/latest/tutorial/gettingstarted.html (specifically http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/doc/latest/tutorial/debug.html and http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/doc/latest/tutorial/compile.html)