View Full Version : Any benefits for leverging Node.js with SenchaTouch?

11 Oct 2011, 6:02 AM
Wondering if there are benefits for leveraging Node.js to offload main Apache site server for many devices (>100k webkit browsers) as opposed to simply serving directly from Apache with some caching like Varnish?

Will Node.js offer better performance overall to the client-devices to not load our Apache site server?

Anyone care to share the benefits for serving via Node.js and reason to provision Node, if any performance benefits when using Sencha Touch for mobile web-apps?

If so, what approach is supported to serve js required by ST via node.js? Any tips how to best plan this out is appreciated to get the most from offloading Apache and have node handle the many requests.
Maybe a bit early to ask if the same will apply for ST v2.x.