View Full Version : App not working on device

17 Oct 2011, 6:07 AM
I have a basic app which (finally) seems to be working in my chrome browser and in the iphone simulator of xcode. But when i run it on a device, then all i see is a white page. I guess that this must be a bug?

I've already added 'autoMaximize: false', as some suggested. This fixed the problem for the simulator, but not for the real device.

Anyone any solution to make it work on a device too??

(Here is my source, in case you want to take a look).

17 Oct 2011, 6:47 AM
Just another thing i found out. If you take a look at the code i posted above (in the zip). Then you'll see that it has 2 views. User.js and Test.js

User.js 'includes' Test.js. So far so good. Test.js is nothing more than a Panel with some text in the html property.

So far so good. The Panel is shown in the User.js view with its html content.

The problem is when i put too much text inside the html property of the Test.js view. By default you can't scroll. So you'd have to add the following in the config:

scrollable: {
direction: 'vertical'

When i add that piece of code to the Test.js view, then the html content is just gone... When i remove the scrollable code again, then my html content is visible again.

When i put too much text in the User.js view (in the html: property) and if i then add that piece of code, then all seems to be working fine.

This only happends to the 'included' view. Perhaps another bug?