View Full Version : SplitPane equivalent

20 Oct 2011, 6:24 AM
I know we can use a BorderLayout with components in the NORTH and CENTER to accomplish something equivalent to Swing's SplitPane, but here's my question:

When I do the above (NORTH and CENTER Borderlayout with NORTH set to split), I also want a minimum size for each component (50px) so the split bar should not make either the north nor center components smaller than 50px. However, when I set the minSize on both in the BorderLayoutData, the NORTH component's minimum is respected but the CENTER component's is not - if you make your browser window tall the bar stops well short of the 50px minimum. Setting a maxSize for the NORTH allows movement beyond the limit, but then the 50px minimum is ignored and the user can make the CENTER component 0px tall. So, is there a better way to mimic SplitPane's behavior from Swing or is this impossible in GXT?