View Full Version : viewready is not getting fired

24 Oct 2011, 12:19 AM
Hi I am using ext 4.02a and even tested in ext4.0.7, my viewready event is not getting fired. please let me know if anybody has working solution. I am using Ext.view.View to and I want to fire my viewready event

3 Jan 2012, 1:36 AM
I have observed similar issue. I think problem is around here:

// Ext.panel.Table
// initComponent
me.mon(view, {
viewReady: me.onViewReady,
resize: me.onViewResize,
refresh: {
fn: me.onViewRefresh,
scope: me,
buffer: 50
scope: me

* @private
* Fires the TablePanel's viewready event when the view declares that its internal DOM is ready
onViewReady: function() {
var me = this;
me.fireEvent('viewready', me);
if (me.deferRowRender) {

me.fireEvent('viewready', me); does not fire evet I mean can't find listeners because of his context.