View Full Version : EXAMPLE: Encapsulating common UI patterns by using inheritance

24 Oct 2011, 10:16 AM
Hi guys,

A lot of the talk I see on these boards has to do with really basic problems migrating to Sencha 2.x, but I've quickly moved past that.

As I work on my 2.x app I've found myself running into UI patterns that I'm using all over the place. One such pattern is a form with a titlebar at the top, with "cancel" and "done" buttons.

Coming from the school of Rails, I really disliked having to repeat myself, creating these views and event handlers over and over again. I handled this problem by creating a view and controller that I can extend, which contains this common code that I can override.

I've extracted this code from my app and placed it on GitHub for anyone who is also running into a similar issue. Maybe you can learn something from it, or teach me a better way to do things.