View Full Version : [OPEN] Portal IE8 Chart issue

25 Oct 2011, 2:24 AM

Ext version tested:
Ext 4.0.7

Browser versions tested against:

I upgraded to the new version (ExtJS 4.0.7) and tried the example found for the portl! This only happens in IE8 (firefox, etc works just fine). The chart shown in the example of the portal page does not show two lines, but only one...!

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Go to the the xample folder on your local Extjs4.0.7 version. Go to the Examples for the portal page

The result that was expected:
The chart should have two lines

The result that occurs instead:
the graph has only one line in IE8

2 Apr 2012, 4:17 PM
Is there an update status on bug EXTJSIV-4300? I am considering EXT JS 4 for the charts.

Chrome also has a problem with the portal example. The image below is IE8 vs Firefox 11 vs Chrome 18