View Full Version : [4.1-pr1] Resize: TabPanel / Card layout + combobox

27 Oct 2011, 10:10 AM
I've got a container with a card layout. The first item in the card layout is laid out pretty well, but switching over to card 2 which is a container with a border layout + center/west regions is just a blue background. The third card is a tab panel with two items and activating that card again has in effect a blank page. Same thing with each tab in the tabpanel on the third card - blank layout.

If I Restore Down the browser window after activating a card or a tab then the layout is done correctly. Maximizing the browser window retains the corrected layout.

Something similar happens with combobox pickers. On first load the picker is the width of the entire browser window (I tried to get a simple example and couldn't reproduce the issue simply, though it's predictable in my app / works fine with 4.0.7) and resizing the window corrects the picker's layout to match the size of the combobox.

Tested in:
IE 8
FF 5