View Full Version : Grid Header and Cell contents are not aligned on Scroll

27 Oct 2011, 1:32 PM

I am using GXT 2.2.5 version and IE 8 web browser.

I have a GXT grid which is embeded in a Content Panel, This Content Panel is embed in an outer Content Panel, the outer Content Panel is embeded in a Layout Container with the LayoutData defined as BorderLayoutData. The LayoutContainer is embeded in a DockLayoutPanel and the DockLayoutPanel is embeded in an outer DockLayoutPanel.

Now the issue i am facing is that, Initially when the width of the grid is less then the width of the content panel a HorizontalScrollBar appears at the bottom(Which should not be the case).

Now, when i start scrolling the grid towards right, the grid scrolls as expected(the header and grid cell contents are aligned).Once all the columns are scrolled towards  left, the scroll bar allows me to scroll a little further to right. If i scroll further, the header and cell data are not aligned.

I have tried modifying the grid and content panel settings. but nothing seems to work .Please find the attached screen shot to see the issue.

Please let me know how can fix this issue.

Thank you

28 Oct 2011, 2:08 AM
Can you please post a fully working testcase implementing EntryPoint for this problem? Its hard to help you without being able to run your code