View Full Version : Extjs 4 Designer ? please help meee

30 Oct 2011, 8:30 AM
I need easy example.
realy i dont understand extjs. i want sencha full packet but i try with demo mode. it cant working.

i need this example with extjs

i have mysql table example two row date and value 22/07/2011 15

i want show with grid and charts but it is not working only xml and array reading i need php and mysql dynamic scripts.
or i search extjs 4 programmmerr
**************** SCR?PT *************************

this example and graph if it is working with mysql and php , i can pay money

if somebody say ===> i can make this script please send message me

i can pay money for this project

my msn mahmutd@gmail.com

8 Nov 2011, 10:51 AM
If you're looking to pay a developer for the project, try looking at http://www.senchadevs.com/. There, you can search and find a developer who fits your needs.