View Full Version : [CLOSED] [PR1] Hyperlinks in Panels do not work on Android

2 Nov 2011, 3:44 PM
Ext version tested:

Sencha Touch 2.0 Developer Preview
Browser versions tested against:

Android 2.3
Chrome 15 on Windows (works perfectly)

Similar or identical to this case for Sencha Touch 1.0 http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?106261-OPEN-200-HTML-Hyperlinks-Not-Working-on-Android
Hyperlinks inside of a Panel do not work on Android.
Steps to reproduce the problem:

Try to click on the hyperlink.
The result that was expected:

Opens the link
The result that occurs instead:

Does not open the link
Test Case:

onReady: function () {
window.panel = new Ext.Panel({
fullscreen: true,
html: 'Why not have a look at <a href="http://www.sencha.com">Sencha</a>.'

3 Nov 2011, 7:46 AM
Yeah, it looks like this is a known bug.