View Full Version : Premium Forums access help

4 Nov 2011, 9:58 AM
Hi, guys.

I believe I'm eligible for the premium forums access since our company has purchased the license.
How do I enable my user login to access premium forums?

Thank you in advance.

4 Nov 2011, 1:13 PM
You need to find your email when you purchased everything. It takes a little bit for someone to go in and give you access. If it has been more than 48 hours, I would reply to that email asking for help. If you get no response, PM me and I will work with you to get someone in touch.

5 Nov 2011, 12:19 PM
Thank you, Mitchell.
We've purchased license a few months ago and I believe we sent 2 usernames for premium forum. Mine included.
Let me double check emails when I'm back in the office on Monday.