View Full Version : Problem Using DateField Components for Charting Controls at Bottom of Browser Window

19 Nov 2011, 3:50 PM
Hi Brendan.

I am using two DateField components (one for the Starting Date and another for the Ending Date) to control the range of time shown on a column chart.

I prefer to place both DateField components side by side (horizontally) just below the chart at the bottom of the browser window.

However, when the DateMenu pops up, it is rendered below the DateField and therefore most of the DateMenu cannot be seen / used as it is beyond the bottom of the browser window.

The attached file contains a working example of a workaround. I created my own version of DateCell (called BetterDateCell) that is a nested class in the file where I change the DateMenu AnchorAlignment from TOP_LEFT and BOTTOM_LEFT to BOTTOM_LEFT and BOTTOM_RIGHT.

I did this using a new method I added called setAnchorAlignment() in BetterDateCell.

Unfortunately, I had to replicate a lot of code in BetterDateCell that is in DateCell, which is not good.

My request is for DateCell to be enhanced to have a method like setAnchorAlignment() for those of us that would like to use this component near the bottom of a browser window.

Please let me know if this can be included in the upcoming release.

John Lewis