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22 Nov 2011, 6:15 AM

I have a TreeGrid and have added CellEditors to two columns. Both columns are not the tree column (a date and a comment). The tree should not support editing on every row, so how I can prevent the rendering of the editor on some rows? the CellEditor only holds a column/row number, how I can get the ModelData instance to check the possibility of editing in this row?

André :-?

22 Nov 2011, 6:21 AM
You could listen to the BeforeEdit event and cancel that if that specific cell should not be edited.

22 Nov 2011, 8:12 AM
I have found it:

tree.addListener(Events.BeforeEdit, new BeforeEditListener());

private class BeforeEditListener implements Listener<GridEvent<ModelData>> {

public void handleEvent(GridEvent<ModelData> event) {
ModelData model = event.getModel();

// check, if the model is on the right place to edit
// use the store

The "tree" should also an instance of EditorTreeGrid. Don't forget to set the clicksToEdit: