View Full Version : GridPanel after load of zero items does not scroll vertically in FF 8.0

27 Nov 2011, 1:38 AM
(Hope this message gets through the spam noise on the forum...)
This is with ExtJS 4.0.7 running in Firefox 8.0. Amazingly enough IE9/IE8 works as expected (definitely a first for me)! :-?

I have a GridPanel connected to a Store that I load from the remote server using JSON. The JSON contains the "success" and "results" (root property from the Store reader). All is well and data loads into the GridPanel. I have a function to select a country and then instructs the Store to .load() based on this setting to show the results in the GridPanel.
All works until I select a country that has no data, so the server returns an empty results array in the JSON:

The GridPanel clears showing no records - no problem here.
The problem is then when I select a country with records again - the store loads and the GridPanel populates - BUT vertical scrolling no longer works! The only way to fix this problem is to refresh the page thus reinitializing the Sencha UI.

Is this a bug or is the server responding in the wrong way when there are no records to return?!?


27 Nov 2011, 6:35 AM
Please post in the appropriate forum which for this is the Ext JS 4.x: Q&A. I will move this thread.
Any scrolling problems should be checked against Ext JS 4.1 PR1 as the scrolling has been radically redone.

1 Dec 2011, 6:52 AM
Not able to reproduce in 4.1-PR1.
Noted that the performance is awful though. 4.0.7 (when it) scrolls smooth as butter. 4.1-PR1 gets stuck and stutter.
Note: using Logitech free-wheeling mouse.