View Full Version : TextArea scrollbar goes to the top on dialog close

27 Nov 2011, 10:18 PM
Hi all
I have an issue with GXT in IE.
Discription: I have a portlet with a text area. There is a button that opens a dialog. I add some to the text area using the button 'Add text'. I scroll down the text area to view the recently added text. I open the dialog by clicking 'Open Message Box' button. Now I close the dialog. If I click on the scroll bar, the scroll bar jumps to the top.


Environment: GXT - 2.2.5
GWT - 2.4.0
Browser - IE 8
This also observed in previous version of GWT 2.0.3 and GXT - 2.2.1
I have attached the prototype to reproduce the issue.
Let me know if it a bug in GXT. And also if there is any work around for this problem.