View Full Version : Sencha build app having issues on Android phone

28 Nov 2011, 11:07 AM

I'm building an android app using sencha touch 1.0 and phoneGap 1.0. I'm facing couple of issues and here they are :

The geo location is not working . The app throws a pop up saying " the last location provider was disabled".
The select picker doesn't work properly. If I chose any thing from the select picker and click on done. Nothing Happens.:((
I'm trying to disable a button. But it doesnt work.

Please help me with this. Any code snippet or tip will be appreciated.

Thanks for the help,


28 Nov 2011, 11:39 AM
I haven't heard of that. May have to spend some time on google to see what is causing that unless it is that the device is reporting you don't have permission to use it.
We need to know what error is being produced.
Same as above

28 Nov 2011, 2:28 PM
Ok . How do we read the Geocode using sencha and phoneGap for android? I have the same code running as a charm on iPhone. But for android, it throws the above message. I tried it on 2 phones. Any code snippet for android will be helpful.:)

2. The picker doesn't respond to any gesture. I'm trying to select an option from the drop down. But it doesn't respond to it.

BTW, Thanks for going through the post. I appreciate it.