View Full Version : HtmlEditor, CSS and IE

29 Nov 2011, 6:14 AM
Iím currently working on a project using GXT. There is a part of application that generates and sends letters to customers. Before sending a letter is displayed in HtmlEditor. Staff member can change contents, then submit and send the letter. The letter is a HTML document with markup in <body> (divís, tables, lists, etc) and CSS in <head>. When entire document is loaded into HtmlEditor (via setValue function), in Firefox everything is fine. The letter is displayed with appropriate styles applied. When document is loaded back (via getValue function) , <head> and <body> tags are removed, but their contents are still present, including <style> tag. In IE <style> tag is removed too, so document is displayed with no styles applied.
The question is, how to apply a stylesheet to HtmlEditor contents to display it correctly in IE?