View Full Version : Grid in Accordiaon Layout's second panel do not listen to render/show/viewReady event

29 Nov 2011, 11:21 PM
Hi All,

I want to resize grid columns depending on grid width.As GXT does not support flex for columns to set percentage wise width (similar to ExtJS).So to solve this, I will listen to render/show event of grid, get grid width and change widths of columns.

I am facing problem is that if grid is added in second panel, if user expands second panel, render/show/ViewReady events are not called.
Grid Show lisnener never getting called.
Grid Render/ViewReady listener is called only at start where i am getting 0 as width.

How can Grid render get called when user expands second panel ?
i am struggling this issue from last 2 days even though using GXT samples AccordianLayoutExample.java and GridExample.java. Can you please help me out?

Thanks in advance

3 Jan 2012, 3:21 AM
You can listen to the resize event of the grid