View Full Version : [INFOREQ] End-point Does Not Appear on Line Graph When Data Exceeds Certain Units

30 Nov 2011, 8:41 AM
I have created a line graph. The x-axis is configured as a type 'category'. The x-axis label is rotated 70 degrees. The data for this axis is dates in the format of yyyy-mm-dd. The line graph properly labels all units on the x-axis when graphing up to 18 units, ie 2011-11-19 to 2011-12-02. When I increase the date range, the end-point is not labeled. In order to get the end-point label, I have to expand the window that the line graph is render to almost across the screen. Is there a fix for this bug? I am using FireFox 3.6.2 and IE 7.

30 Nov 2011, 12:35 PM
Can I get a locally runnable test case?