View Full Version : Pie chart,formatting values

Aurélien Rosiau
1 Dec 2011, 8:38 AM
Hi there,

I have a question about the possibility of formatting the #total# value of a piechart

My goal is to have a tooltip like this :

"#key# / #total#"

Number format are "English" style format number:


and i need to get a format like : (French Format)

200 000 000,100

I manage to format the #key# value using NumberFormat :

Number num1 = 100000454.33;

pie.addSlices(new PieChart.Slice(num1, "Value 1", NumberFormat.getDecimalFormat().format(num1)));

So my tooltip looks like "100 000 454,33 / 200,000,000.100" (Values are just here for the example")

But i have no idea about formatting the #total# value..

I managed to got the right format of tooltip by doing some "ugly" code (like add all the value of the chart, so i can get to total without using the #total# value and then format)

But i would like to know if there is a "good" way to do it ? Does it even exist ?

Hope the explication of my issue is clear.