View Full Version : calling .hide() on a collapsed panel doesn't hide its "collapse handle".

13 Dec 2011, 12:08 PM

I think I found a bug, and wanted to confirm the behavior...

When you have a collapsible panel that is collapsed and you call its .hide() method, you can still see the "collapse handle".

If you call its .show() method (without expanding it first), you will now see the title bar, but not the "collapse handle".

If you want to see it live, go to http://goelements.net/pmi/
1 (http://goelements.net/pmi/). Minimize the bottom panel
2. Click the first button of the upper toolbar 'Preview: bottom'
3. Notice that the panel is not completely hidden
4. Click the arrow on the 'Preview' button and select 'Bottom'
5. Notice that the title now appears, but the collapse handle disappeared!

Even weirdier..

If you start clean (refresh the page)
1. Minimize the bottom panel
2. Click the "Preview: bottom" button
3. Minimize the left panel
4. Click the "Preview: left" button
5. Notice you see both "Collapse handle"
6. Expand both panel

you now have 2 expanded panel, while only one should be visible...

Any idea? I'm I doing something wrong, or does that seem like a bug to you?

15 Dec 2011, 1:55 PM
How about a small test case that only reproduces the specified problem you are having and post the code here?