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14 Dec 2011, 11:52 AM
i have a problem, i use Ext-GWT 2.2.5 with GWT 2.4 in eclipse 3.7 and in all browsers i get a white get in left and top of the browser. maybe you know what is the problem :-?. thanks

15 Dec 2011, 2:23 PM
There are a number of things you should check.

Ensure that you're including gxt-all.css. gxt-all.css includes a CSS reset that will remove the margin from the web page. You can verify this in Firebug or Developer Tools. This will also show if any of your own CSS is overriding the reset.
Ensure that the viewport is the only item you're adding to the root panel.
Ensure that you don't have an extraneous markup in your host page. Any components you add via RootPanel.get().add(Widget) will appear after any existing markup in the body element.

In any case, check Firebug or Developer Tools to see what CSS is being applied where, and to which element that border belongs.

15 Dec 2011, 9:10 PM
no, in this case i mast use RootLayoutPanel.get().add() instead RootPanel.get().add(). with RootLayoutPanel everythin work great, but i must use RootLayoutPanel only with the first layout, that fill the window