View Full Version : Evaluating GXT 3.0-SNAPSHOT and have several questions

14 Dec 2011, 2:05 PM
I'm reviewing GXT for a new application and am having trouble in a few areas. I'm using 3.0-SNAPSHOT as I want to use the current GWT version and I understand you are making your 3.0.x such that GWT widgets can be used with GXT.

Specifically I'm having trouble with the following.

1. In a main section of our application users must be able to re-arrange windows, both re-size and move (DnD). The windows will snap to a grid but each individual window can be any number of columns wide and any number of rows tall. So regarding your layout containers I don't find any that can do this (let me know if that's wrong). Your Portal container is close but it seems that each panel has to be contained within one column, so that won't work. So I am using the GWT AbsolutePanel this works but doesn't seem to play well with GXT. I have this added as the center widget of your BorderLayoutContainer, however I need this to be scrollable and I can't figure out how to do that in GXT. I've tried to wrap it with GWT's ScrollPanel but then GXT shows the ScrollPanel but it hides the AbsolutePanel (its contents is not there). I've tried to enable scrolling in the GXT panels but can't figure out how, methods that exist in online demos have been removed in this version and it seems have no replacement. What is the best way to create a scrollable layout like this?
2. I'm not clear on how GXT handles sizing things. For example, how can I make the application full size of the page (and auto-resize as the user resizes the page) and then all content is proportional to the app size? It seems that GXT tends to want fixed sizes, i.e. BorderLayoutData, VerticalLayoutData take fixed pixel sizes. Sometimes that's desired but often what is needed is relative sizes, how can this be done?
3. Are there any docs for GXT classes? Although Javadocs are available for DP5 build they don't have any text that describes the classes and methods. I.e. I need some documentation that explains whatVerticalLayoutContainer andVBoxLayoutContainer are and how they are different, for example.
4. I'm having trouble with TabPanels. I have one with two tabs, but what is rendered is strange, the two tabs are offset to the right (there is an empty tab like tab first) and then the really strange part there is a bold black dot in the first and second tab, not the third.

Perhaps some of this issues are because this is a SNAPSHOT build I am using but its making it hard to do my evaluation...not sure if GXT can do this...I hope so.