View Full Version : BorderLayoutContainer does not render right unless fixed pixel size is specified

16 Dec 2011, 2:13 PM
The BorderLayoutContainer does not render right, the code show at http://staging.sencha.com:8080/examples-dev/#ExamplePlace:borderlayout renders as the attached image, unless I specify a fixed pixel size for the BorderLayoutContainer. I'm currently using 3.0.0-beta1 (Snapshot has same problem).


16 Dec 2011, 2:19 PM
Additional info....it turns out it renders like this if it's attached like this:

NorthSouthContainer comp = new NorthSouthContainer();

Viewport viewport = new Viewport();
viewport.add(comp, new MarginData(10));

It works properly if added directly to the Viewport.

So my question is how can I have a menubar above the main app which is in BorderLayoutContainer?

16 Dec 2011, 4:37 PM
Also if I move the menubar to be the north widget in the border container that also does work, but these other ways shouldn't fail it seems (i.e. it ought to render what the API allows.). Also doing it this way how to I tell the north widget to take up exactly the space needed for the menubar? Currently I'm just guessing how many pixels tall it is, probably not the right way to do this.