View Full Version : ExtJS + Ext Gantt database interaction using JAVA having problem.

17 Dec 2011, 4:28 AM
Hi.. sencha forum member I need your help in my application . I am using Ext JS 4.0.2a MVC architechture in my application along with bryntum Ext Gantt. I am done with the MVC architechture using static data with Ext Gantt.

Now I want to use Ext Gantt to interact with the database , all changes made to Gantt Chart must be reflected to database. I tried to develope all necessary controller and mode with store. But i am having problem with PROXY API used to read, write, create to work with database.

So anyone knows how to do it, support me with this.

I am using JAVA with Hibernate, Spring and JSP with Ext JS 4.0.2a with Bryntum Gantt Chart.

Yogendra Singh
Sr. Programmer

17 Dec 2011, 6:57 AM

That example shows you how to setup a proxy, reader and more importantly the writer. The writer is what will manage sending the changes to the server.