View Full Version : Drag handlers with Grid

11 Jan 2007, 3:10 PM
I'm using a third party map control for a mapping application we're building. The map control is basically, underneath the hood, a few divs with onmousedown, onmouseup, etc handlers on it I think. The user can click and draw a zoom-box on the map to zoom-in and zoom-out, as well as pan by clicking and dragging the image with the control boundaries.

I've also got a simple YUI-ext Grid example setup on the same. My problem is, the Grid seems to interfere with the mouse events of the map control? When I left-click on the Map control, the zoom-box is preventing from growing as I drag. If I release the mouse-button, I can then continue to drag the zoombox as normal.

I'm assuming there are event handlers from the Grid that are interfering with the handlers already setup by the map control (or vice versa). Has anyone else had this problem, or have suggestions on how to resolve?

On Edit: This behavior works perfectly fine in FireFox 2.0. It appears to only be a problem in IE 7.