View Full Version : How you pass the store with a param to the GRID(parameter should not be hardcoded) ?

23 Dec 2011, 2:42 AM

I implemented my grid using componnet pagingtoolbar (Ext.toolbar.Paging) in ExtJs 4, when I load the grid
use some params(not harcoded), so the problem appear when you try the refresh button from the grid,
I can't rewritte this button.
Do you have some idea in this direction ?
How you pass the store with a parameter to the GRID
(the parameter should not be hardcoded in the store definition) ?
Thank you in advance !


gridStore : function() {
return Ext.getStore('test.TestStore');

title: 'Test title',

gridColumns : function() {
return [{
header: 'Id Test',
dataIndex: 'id',
flex : 0.25
}, {
header: 'Value Test',
dataIndex: 'value'
flex : 0.25

doRefresh: function() {
params: {
id: root.getIdTest()

23 Dec 2011, 2:47 AM
Either add it to the extraParams on the proxy or add a beforeload listener to the store and add it in just before each request.

Contrary to what the docs suggest, extraParams can be changed whenever you like, not just at creation time. Something like:

store.getProxy().extraParams.id = root.getIdTest();

18 May 2014, 4:51 AM
I have two grids getting data from php mysql backend First grid is display of all classes in a school. This represents 1 table of mysql. And I have no issues in displaying data second grid gets data of students in a particular class, when one clicks on any of the class of first grid. Please see image below
This is a different table in mysql. And I am "ClassID" to php file. which sends sorted JSON of students of that particular class
i use the below code
var studentView = this.getstudentGrid; var ClassData = record.get('ClassID');

studentView.getStore().load({ params:{ClassID: ClassData} });but it says uncaught error and nothing gets displayed. Kindly help

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yeah well ... I suggest you use console.log() to define where is the error... does studentView is pointing to an object? does ClassData ? console.log() them ... code4jhon (http://stackoverflow.com/users/2045079/code4jhon) 14 hours ago (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23716326/sencha-extjs-data-in-multiple-referenced-grids/23720274?noredirect=1#comment36449531_23716326)

other than pointing to the right objects ... I think ClassID should be 'ClassID': ClassData code4jhon (http://stackoverflow.com/users/2045079/code4jhon) 14 hours ago (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23716326/sencha-extjs-data-in-multiple-referenced-grids/23720274?noredirect=1#comment36449605_23716326)