View Full Version : [2.0b1][CLOSED] Window Disable mask not working while using tab key

28 Oct 2007, 10:46 PM
Bug :(Ext-2)

Step 1 :Load a Grid with paging toolbar or any action buttons
Step 2 :Then Create a dialog window with mask
Step 3 :Press on tab key this will active on masked tools and action buttons

30 Oct 2007, 2:17 PM
This has already been discussed a way ago. The fact is that masking a window does not disable underlying elements that could receive focus by tabbing. Masking logic cannot know what elements are beneath the mask.

I remember that once I've solved it on the application level by disabling all underlying elements on mask and by re-enabling them on unmask.

2 Apr 2008, 12:54 PM
Hello Saki,

This bug I can see, but is there anyway to use key tab on the dialog window?
I want to navigate fields on the dialog window through the tab.
Right now If I am using tab then it is focusing on the underlying mask grid.

Would appreciate your response!

2 Apr 2008, 1:03 PM
The only way is to disable underlying fields manually. It is possible if you mask only window so you know which buttons are there. It becomes quite difficult if you mask whole desktop as it is impossible to predict which windows are open.

I cannot see any better way around...

2 Apr 2008, 1:15 PM
Thanks Saki for the response.

18 Aug 2008, 7:03 PM
Hi Ext team,

Please refer YUI version 2.5.2, they already done it properly