View Full Version : [4.1 Beta 1] Tab title text is trimmed on mousedown when focused

24 Dec 2011, 3:37 PM
It seems that the tab text is not as inclined to shift on mousedown so much as it was in previous releases, which is good. But, is now shifting diagonally on mouse down intermittently in IE. Click the tab repeatedly quickly to see the stutter/shifting and slowly (once a second) and you don't see it.

I'm also seeing in the tabs example that when the tab is focused and you click on it the title text is trimmed on the right and bottom. Click on the Long Text tab and then click and hold the mouse down and you'll see that the right side of the last 't' and the bottom of the 'g' are trimmed off.

Ok in FF 5.
Tested in IE 8.

24 Dec 2011, 3:55 PM
Tabs are buttons. IE makes them look pressed.

24 Dec 2011, 4:03 PM
Gotcha. Thx.