View Full Version : Cannot use keyboard navigation on combo box with GridRowEditing/Grid

27 Dec 2011, 10:25 AM
If I have a combox box as one of the columns in a Grid and I use the GridRowEditing, keyboard navigation (up arrow / down arrow) doesn't work for selecting different row. After alternate option is selected, it reverts back to previous item (if I hold mouse down it will move a few items before going back to selection).

This feels like it could be related to other issues I have seen with GridRowEditing; where the parser method gets called every .2 seconds; it is as though the value in the text box is being reparsed which is causing the currently selected value to be reselected (and therefore breaking keyboard navigation).

SimpleComboBox<Light> combo = new SimpleComboBox<Light>(new StringLabelProvider<Light>());
combo.setPropertEditor(new PropertyEditor<Light>() {

public Light parse(CharSequence text) throws ParseException {
// this gets called every .2 seconds when editing a row
System.out.println("parse " + text.toString());
return Light.parseString(text.toString());

public String render(Light object) {
return object == null ? Light.SUNNY.toString() : object.toString();