View Full Version : GridView with RowEditor and CheckBoxSelectionModel (or CheckColumnConfig)

27 Dec 2011, 2:14 PM
I've been attempting to implement a GridView with a RowEditor & CheckBoxSelectionModel. I want to use the RowEditor to allow the user to modify the data and the CheckBoxSelectionModel to allow the user to select a row then click a Delete or Copy Button (similar to the last grid on the ‘Grid Plugins’ examples page: http://extjs.com/examples/#gridplugins ). However (comma) the RowEditor is engaged when clicking the checkbox >:-(.

I then tried using a CheckColumnConfig as the 1st column in the Grid. However, I’ll have to ensure only 1 checkbox is ever selected at a time and the RowEditor ‘flags’ the column as edited (i.e. the little red triangle appears). I see that I can override the CheckColumnConfig.onMouseDown() method to get the selected ModelData and row index but then I’ll have to save it so that the Copy and/or Delete button know what to do (where do I save this? or do I need to search the entire Grid/Column to find the selected row?).

Anybody ever do something like this? Got an example?

If CheckBoxSelectionModel : disable the RowEditor for that column?
CheckColumnConfig: only allow one row selected at a time; save selected ModelData + index

7 Feb 2012, 9:55 AM
zzzzzz..... :((