View Full Version : Posting Huge amount of data to .net server from sencha local stores

Sameer Khan
28 Dec 2011, 3:14 AM
Hi , I am working on sencha touch .I have a small question regarding to post huge amt of data from my sqlite local stores..
1. Long back i tried with Ext.Ajax.request() but it's not working totally Bcz it won't allow cross-domain communication..So Later i used JSONP object but somehow JSONP also posting upto 300KB of data to ".net server" even i used parameter as "POST" type...
2. Finally to overcome these problems i used to create javascript dynamic form and added all sqlite tables data to my dynamically created form and calling form.submit()...It's fine

Problem : Here my problem is if Net Work is not proper in the middle of synchup simply application terminating with some alert message...Here i could not make Exception Handling bcz on dynamic form submission [form.submit()] there is no way to handle exceptions....

Plz help me how to do , how to overcome this problems.......Give me some better solution..

Thanks in advance..

28 Dec 2011, 8:11 AM
In form.submit, you can pass in success/failure methods:

failure : function() {
//this will fire if the submit failed.