View Full Version : javascript dynamic form submit() issue in sencha touch

Sameer Khan
29 Dec 2011, 9:14 PM
Hi All, Plz somebody help me on the following Issue..

1.Long Back in my sencha Application i used JSONP request to post data from my sqliteDB tables to remote side .NET sever...But here problem is even if i use POST method JSONP sending limited amount of data (~300KB to ~400KB), but here i am posting around 1MB to 1.5 MB of data to .NET sever..So it couldn't satisfy my requirement...

2. If i use Ext.AJax.Request() it's not working totally, Bcz it won't allow cross domain requests.[Well known answer]

3. To overcome these problems in my application I created one java script dynamic form and added my entire data to dynamic form as "<input type="hidden" name="cname" value="sam">", so form created successfully and finally called form.submit();...It's sending data to remote server fine....

Problem: Here my major problem is if WiFi connection is slow/ disconnected in middle of synchup my application simply terminates...Here on JavaScript form.submit() there is no Excepiton Handling...
So how can i over come this problem...or Give me some other way best way to achieve this problem..

Thanks in advance.

30 Dec 2011, 7:49 AM
A JsonP request will only be GET and in ST1 there is no timeout.

Sameer Khan
3 Jan 2012, 8:03 PM
HI, i satisfied with your answer...

But still i didn't get solution for my answer...I need some approach...plz help me...