View Full Version : GXT Combobox OR TriggerField height becomes zero when hidden and displayed back.

3 Jan 2012, 5:04 AM
If we have GXT trigger field or combobox any where in tab panel or any panel that has card layout, then when the panel renders first time it looks fine, but in cases when we switch between tabs (in TabPanel) or cards (in panel using card layout), then the height of trigger field (and combobox) becomes 0px

For TabItem, I have used row layout with vertical orientation, and inside that a nested row layout which uses horizontal orientation (which resembles to table format)

But honestly i don't think the problem has anything to do with these layouts. Apparently there is some code path in GXT framework that is not able to get height value for COMBO or Trigger Field components and hence it is setting value to 0 px. I have seen similar issues reported, but could solve it by changing hide mode of tabitem to OFFSETS only in Internet Explorer. The problem got fixed for chrome and firefox only partially, where the horizontal layout gets distortion.

I do not have code sample, and even if i were to take, it will take a little while before i can post it.
In the mean while any suggestions to get around this problem is greatly appreciated!
Below are pictures on how the UI distortions are:



Thank you