View Full Version : Tabs in a Form (Help please)

4 Nov 2007, 7:55 AM
Yep, custom form for now. Our goal is to have Ext.nd create the form automatically for you but we're still trying to figure out the best approach for that.

What I did for that Person form was to turn off the tabbed table and then put a div around each section and then I used a Ext.BorderLayout to build the layout (with an Ext.Toolbar) and added each div to the center section and let Ext do it's magic in making each section a tab.

I have a form with a table (in notes it is layed out in tabs). What you are saying is sort of confusing because you throw sections in there.. Are you still using a table or sections? What changes should be made to the table? Also I am rendering my form for notes but fields have html is this a big no no?

Would it be possible to get a slightly more detailed version of how you did this, I am trying pretty hard but my results aren't anything like your person form.