View Full Version : Scroll Bar does'nt move while dragging elements in a tree panel

6 Jan 2012, 1:26 AM

I am facing one problem in TreePanel component. I think this should be the bug in others components as tree grid,... because I found same issue in Showcase example also.

I have a TreePanel component. Due to the size of my treePanel, I need to scroll mode to see all nodes.
When i try to make changes into my tree panel with drag and drop feature, i noticed that when i try to drag elements down scroll bar doesn't move and i'm unable to do this action.

Steps of reproduction:

1. Open Showcase example using http://sencha.com/examples/#reorderingtree
2. Expand "Grids" node
3. Now, select any sub node of "Grids". Let say "Auto Height Grid"
4. Use Drag and drop feature to move the selected node to another node
5. Ideally, when we reach at the node which is not visible in screen, scrollbar should automatically starts to move down as and when node get selected. But it doesn't happen.

Hope, you will get my explanation. It may be possible that you are already aware of this bug.

So, please do needful ASAP or provide some help

Thanks a lot