View Full Version : GXT Numeric filter fields selection issue

9 Jan 2012, 2:58 PM

I am using GXT 2.2.4 and IE 8..

We are using GXT filter gird (http://www.sencha.com/examples/#filtergrid )in our application and came across and interesting behavior in it. If you open the link of the filter grid, from Showcase, in IE and try to enter numeric values for "Change" column in any of the 3 text fields (">=", "<=", "=") and then do any one of the following.
- double click on the value entered to select the value in the text field, OR
- try to select the value in the text fied using mouse, or keybord.
The text box just freezes.

In firefox,
It does not freez, but at the same time it does not allow us to select the text as well.

In Chrome,
It works perfectly fine..

Can you please let me know, if this is a known issue and can we expect a fix for this?

Look forward for your reply.