View Full Version : The maximum supported width value of tootip is not enough

10 Jan 2012, 4:25 PM
- Detailed description of the problem

When the width of tootip is bigger than 500 pixels, the border will have rendering problems. From the javadoc of the super class "Tip", the "The maximum supported value is 500" pixels. This seems to be arbitrary and un-reasonable as we do have use case that require tooltip that is wider than 500 pixels. I guess that reason for this is that the background image used for tootip, "tip-sprite.gif" is only 500 pixels wide. If that is the reason, it should be easy to make the image wider and tootip can have bigger width.

-Possible solution
As it is suggested above. make the "tip-sprite.gif" wider

-GXT version

- Host mode / web mode / both

- Browser and version
FireFox 3, 7 and 8

- Operating System
WinXp and Ubuntu