View Full Version : Does the touch charts library work with Sencha Touch 2?

11 Jan 2012, 1:56 AM
Looking at examples of Touch Charts I see Ext.setup(..), but I'm using the MVC of Sencha Touch 2 which does it like Ext.application(..). Anyway. I get the impression that the touch charts only work with Sencha Touch 1. Is this true ? if not I am really interested in a MVC example using charts!


11 Jan 2012, 6:38 AM
No, they are being updated and Charts 2 will be released to work with ST2.

mike lebowski
22 Feb 2012, 10:16 PM
Are they near a PR or beta with the charts?

Given that ST has been in PR since Nov, are we to assume charts is going to lag by several months, or are they likely to have a much more condensed PR-Beta cycle?

mike lebowski
22 Feb 2012, 10:17 PM
nevermind i see reply in other thread

"I won't give out any dates, but the Charts team is actively tracking Touch 2.0 and expects to ship a beta not long after we GA"